The coffee beans are purchased from Compass Coffee, a roasting coffee bean store in Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku. The coffee beans are carefully roasted on a weekly basis with Mr. Kobayashi, who is passionate about coffee, to create Ubuntu's original blends and single origins. 


Original Blend Hot  400

Original Blend Iced  450

Decaf  500


Caffe’   400

Cappuccino   500

Caffe’ Latte  Hot/Iced   500

Coffe & Tea


We offer INFUSION (organic lemongrass) from Ishihara Farm, Kumamoto and other organic domestic tea selected by Ubuntu.

Our domestic tea is produced by Kenichi Natural Farm, located on the Yamato Plateau in the eastern part of Nara Basin. Our teas are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the natural environment.

Ishihara Farm, Kumamoto

Organic lemongrass   500

(Teapot service with petite sweets)

Kenichi Natural Farm, Nara

Organic Hojicha tea   500

Organic Japanese black tea   500

Organic Oolong tea   500

(Teapot service with petite sweets)




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