Craft Beer

Ubuntu offers beer from a microbrewery “Kanpai! Brewing” in Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo. We regularly select two types of fresh craft beer with a fragrant and deep flavor brewed by owner Mr.Arai. We hope that you will experience the true power of beer. We hope you can feel the true power of beer while looking out over the park.

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Bottle Beer


Kirin Heartland is a pilsner-style 100% malt beer (all-malt). It has a refreshing aroma. It has clear andcitrusy fragrance.

100% malt. 100% aroma hops.

Beer & Wine



Ubuntu's house wine - "BIOBIO" series winery is located in the CAMPO valley, east of Verona in northern Italy.

As the name suggests, the BIOBIO series of wines are produced using BIO (biological organic) methods.

Selected wines are produced from the Veneto, Friuli, Venezia e Giulia, and Alto Adige regions of northeastern Italy.

We have a small selection of sparkling, white, orange, and red wines from wineries in those regions.

Organic House Wine

Glass (Sparkling / White / Red)  600

Bottle (Sparkling / White / Red)  3000

Selected Wine 3500- 

(Sparkling / White / Orange / Red)




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