The search for new values and ways to connect with others, moving back and forth between ideals, fantasies, and the real world.


IDEAL COOP, the company behind 3331 Cafe Ubuntu, is a company that conducts cultural projects that started in 2020 through a partnership between Japanese and Chinese architects and producers. With offices in Tokyo, Miura, Beijing and Shanghai, we are engaged in architectural design, art events, cultural facility management, cultural information publishing, product development, etc. that create new values ​​and ways of connecting people. 3331 Cafe Ubuntu is one of our cultural projects.

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About graphic design

The graphic design of IDEAL COOP is done by Saori Shibata, a graphic designer based in LA. She expressed the concept of the cafe "I AM BECAUSE WE ARE" with warm colors and curves that wrap around the initial letter "U" of Ubuntu.

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