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World Sandwiches

Connecting People with Beautiful World Sandwiches!

Ubuntu offers sandwiches on pita bread baked every morning in the café's bakery with a variety of global dishes sandwiched between them on a monthly basis.


Let's travel the world while eating sandwiches. 


Sandwiches and side dishes will be served during lunchtime (11am-3pm) every Wednesday through Sunday for a while. 

August Sandwiches

CAPONATA(VG) / Sicilia  650


Sicily's famous vegetable stew. Using Miura vegetables, Italian eggplant is fried without batter and then combined with stewed vegetables to create a sweet and sour sandwich, which tastes great in the summer. There are many theories as to the origin of this dish, but the most likely explanation is that it came from Catalonia, during the Spanish occupation of Sicily. Originally served as a high-class fish dish, it became more prevalent as a vegetarian dish, in which the common people would substitute fish with eggplant.

FALAFEL / Egypt  650  

A Middle Eastern specialty. Chickpea croquettes and Miura vegetable sandwiches.

The countries of the Middle East are unquestionably the creators of this delicious dish. The Egyptian origin theory seems to be the most credible. History indicates that Falafels started from Alexandria, Egypt, as a deep-fried fūl (fava beans), known as "ta'miyya", a bite of food in the region. From Alexandria, they spread throughout the Middle East and were eaten in a variety of recipes.


A long, cold roasted, hollowed out Texas style pork shoulder sandwich.
America is an undisputed BBQ powerhouse. In the summer, we invite family and friends to enjoy a big grill in our backyard. One of the most popular BBQ dishes is pork butt. While our Japanese BBQ dishes are quick-grilled, American Pork Butt is grilled at a low temperature over a long period of time “low and slow.”  

​*Bread is a homemade pita bread that is baked every morning.

​*VG=Vegan Menu


Sandwiches Meal

Sandwich and Soup

Choose your favourite sandwich  +250 

Soup & Salad Meal

Soup and Salad for a light lunch.


(Takeout not available)


Side can also be ordered separately.


Indonesian-style vegetable chicken soup with lime and cilantro


Special fries made of potatoes from Miura, fries at low temperature and finished with herbs at high temperature.

CAESAR SALAD   600(Takeout not available)

Miura seasonal vegetables with special Caesar dressing


(Available from September)

Drinking coffee makes you crave a little sweet treat, and Ubuntu will offer sweets from around the world for a limited time and in limited quantities. We hope you enjoy them with our coffee. You can still travel the world while eating sweets.




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