IDEAL COOP is a company that designs places where people can connect to each other. 

Happiness is not only found in material things, and it’s impossible to be happy alone.

Happiness exists in the rich connections between people. Therefore, we have decided to create places that will redesign the beautiful relationship between people. We believe that there must be new connections that are more suitable for modern times. 

That is why we have started to use ARTS (Arts and Culture) in a significant way. 


Using Art as a catalysis to move people’s hearts and senses to unknown existences, we will create places where people can connect to each other regardless of countries, cultures, languages, religions, etc.


That is our mission. 


Cultural Event Production

Creating places to exhibit modern art, traditional craft, and culture to establish an improved relationship between people and their community. 

Culture Facilities

Designing cafes, restaurants and salons as a place to display local art and connect people with their community.

Cultural information Publish

Developing culture experience programs and publishing the latest art, design, and traditional culture all over East Asia including Japan and China. 

Video Distribution

Distributing media displaying IDEAL COOP’s projects and video’s from artists around the world to introduce people to local culture and craftsmanship.


Discovering high-quality products with great design from local culture of various regions in East Asia and engaging in product development for the enrichment of modern life. 




3331 Arts Chiyoda SUITE 105, 6-11-14, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021