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Craft Beer

Ubuntu offers beer from a microbrewery “Kanpai! Brewing” in Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo. We regularly select two types of fresh craft beer with a fragrant and deep flavor brewed by owner Mr.Arai. We hope that you will experience the true power of beer. This month's beers are a German Kölsch style and a West Coast flavored IPA.

Nozokisaka Kölsch   S  500  /  M  800

Nozokisaka Kölsch, winner of the International Beer Cup 2019 and Japan Great Beer Awards 2020. Kölsch's distinctive sweet aroma, light in taste and with a clean aftertaste. Perfect for quenching your thirst. This time around, the bitterness and richness have been slightly reduced to make it more drinkable and easier to drink, even in the hot and humid summer, for better throat flow.

Kichijyo saka IPA     S  550   /   M  850

A strong aroma of American hops, a beautiful amber color, and a clean bitterness at the core. A West Coast-style IPA with a dry finish and a well-balanced body that will leave you feeling good. The citrus hop flavor is added to the slightly tropical aroma of the mosaic.

Bottle Beer


Pilsner style 100% malt beer (all malt). Crisp aroma. Clear, citrusy aroma from aromatic hops. 100% Aroma Hops.




(Available from September)

A small number of high quality, reasonably priced wines from 4 Provinces in Northeastern Italy. Bottles are available in the price range of 2500-3500 yen per bottle. We have a wine list that will be updated from time to time, so please let us know. We also have a few wines by the glass, so please ask.

Today’s Glass  600~

Bottle  2500~3500





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